WP Return Scarcity Voice Over

WP Return Scarcity Voice Over
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It’s a fact!

Using price bumps is a great strategy to boost your conversions on any product launch.

Simply put, scarcity works.

But what happens after your product launch ends?

The answer is easy…

The final price after launch may be too expensive for many visitors.


Your sales begin to drop,


What if there was a way to recreate the launch price bump strategy on demand…

and for every new visitor to your sales page.

INTRODUCING WP Return Scarcity.

What is WP Return Scarcity?

WP Return Scarcity is a wordpress plugin that allows anyone to quickly implement automatic price bumps…based on the number of times that a person has visited your page.

This is a powerful scarcity strategy to boost your sales per customer basis for years to come.

Here’s an example.

On Robert’s first visit to your website he sees a price of $24.

On his second visit, he sees the price has increased to $27.

And on his third visit he sees that the price has increased yet again to $29!

You can trigger price bumps per visitor and keep your conversions growing for months or years to come.


it’s a must have tool that you can’t miss and using it is really easy.

Let’s see how it works.

Step one.

Create a buy button for each price bump.

Go to the sales platform of your choice, Paypal, JVZoo, Warriors Plus, Clickbank or almost any marketplace that you create payment buttons.

Create one for the default price, (for visit number one) and up to three extra payment buttons for the price bumps.

Step two.

Go to any wordpress page or post and your payment buttons.

Add your default payment button.

Add an additional payment button and define when it will start showing.

You can set up to three price bumps.
Default payment button, plus three price bumps.

Step three.

Add a shortcode where you want to show your payment buttons.

Add a simple shortcode and you’re done.

You can add the shortcode to any wordpress page or post.

That’s all!

See how easy?

Do you use a sales page builder?

If you use a sales page builder solution (like profit builder or any other). And this solution supports shortcodes. Then you can use our plugin with it

Just add the shortcode where you want to show the payment button.

WP Return Scarcely is a powerful tool that you can use for all of your products.

It’s extremely easy to use, will be ready to use it in just five minutes.

You can add it to any WordPress page or post.

WP Return Scarcity uses the smart scarcities strategy. It’s cookie based per visitor.

You can show a default button and up to three price bumps.

You can create a unlimited campaigns to promote many different products.

You can add it to multiple websites that you own.

It’s not language specific, use it with any language of your choice.

And it’s ultra fast loading too.

Don’t miss it.

Grab your copy of WP Return Scarcity today.

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