Make Your First Sale Online

Make Your First Sale Online
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Are you frustrated because after months (or even years) of trying you haven’t made your first sale online?

Are you struggling because frankly, you think you’re doing the right things – what the gooroos are telling you – and it just isn’t working?

That is what I want to help you with today – MAKE YOUR FIRST SALE ONLINE.

And better than that, make it in a way that is predictable so you can keep making sale after sale after sale

Here’s the thing, my guess is that once you made your first sale in a predictable way following a predictable system, you could scale up to make more and more sales.

That’s what happened to me when I first got started.

I got that first sale, and then I was hooked.

And once I had a sale that occured in the middle of the night – when I was sleeping, I had an epiphany – I KNEW that this was the life for me.

I could create things in the daytime that people would buy when I was sleeping,

and if the sales would come in when I was sleeping – then they could come in when I was watching a movie, vacationing, generally just out enjoying life instead of slaving away at methods and tactics that so far have brought me nothing in sales online.

I immediately began to pursue that dream – and began taking vacations and doing what I wanted to do nearly immediately.

Now, you may be stuck because you just can’t figure it out.

And you’ve taken class after class, bought software and tried lots of so-called methods that has lots of theory but none of it works.

How would it feel if I share with you my greatest secrets, the key things that have made my own business work, that have led me to the place where I CAN take vacations freely, where I CAN work from anywhere, and where sales come in when I’m sleeping?

If so, I think you will love my “Make Your First Sale Online” training series.

There are 4 recorded liive modules and a homework assignment for each module.

Now, if this is going to work for you, you’ll have to promise me one thing: you will DO the homework.

I’m going to do the work to create the assignments that when you do them you’ll make your first sale (likely well within the next 5 to 7 days, and probably more than 1 sale if you make at least one sale.)

And I’m even going to give you the formula for making more and more sales (there’s a special key formula I use that is different from almost all the other gooroos out there)

The 3 key things you will learn:

1) You WILL build a list from scratch, in the first 7 days. I will teach you a proven method of getting subscribers on your list the VERY FIRST DAY no matter how much trouble you’ve had with this in the past ( That’s day 1)

2) You WILL learn to create your first product AND SELL it to people on your list (days 2 and 3)

3) You WILL leverage that product and learn how to put it into an automated autoresponder so it sells again and again and again on autopilot (day 4)

When you have the 4 modules completed you’ll be able to easily:

–> Get new subscribers on your list EVERY DAY

–> You WILL have an email campaign with at least 10 emails in it going out on autopilot, and you’ll be adding new ones each week

–> You WILL know where to get new subscribers on your list

–> You WILL be able to produce 1-3 new trainings EVERY MONTH and at the end of the year have 12-36 trainings to sell on your website AND sell automatically in your email campaign

Now, this probably sounds like I’m promising a lot.

Test me, prove me, and if you aren’t blown away and don’t make your first sale in the next 7 to 30 days, just ask me for a refund and I’ll give you every penny back right away.

One more thing: maybe you are thinking, but I don’t want to make just one sale.

Or I’ve already made one sale but I can’t figure out how to make them consistently.

The Make Your First Sale Online training will change all that.

When the 4 modules are over and you’ve done the homework, your life will be different.

You will have a unique business model for your business that hardly anyone else uses exactly like I do, and there’s a twist to my model that I’m not revealing right now – but when you start the trainings I will give you all of the details.

So, let’s talk about price.

The truth is this: I could charge $1000 or more for this training, as it will reveal the insider key secret I have personally used to create and sell many many products, and my clients have used to start businesses from scratch.

But I want to make this a no-brainer, I don’t want ANYONE to be left out from this – I want to see at least 100 people send me a rockin’ testimonial telling me how awesome it is to make their first sale.

So I’m testing a super-low price which WILL go up – and I’m even planning to sell the individual sessions for a much higher price you are getting the entire 4 sessions training today for.

So, Go ahead, click the add to cart button below now and let me help change your life forever:

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