Facebook Lead Ads Part 3

Facebook Lead Ads Part 3
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Tracking Your Ad Success and Getting Your Leads


Once your ad is reviewed and approved, it will go live. After a few hours, you will start to see results coming in. Check the report to see how much you are spending and how many leads you have gotten for the money.


Next, download the leads. You have a choice of two formats, CSV and Excel. Click on the report of choice. Open up the file and look all the way to the right. You will see the person’s email address and name.


You can manually add this data in your customer relationship management (CRM) software, or set up a link between Facebook and the CRM. A third-party service called Zapier can help get the leads uploaded directly. The sooner you get the leads completely on your list, the sooner you can start marketing to them.


Note that the leads will only be stored for 90 days. If you have to enter them manually, do so in a timely manner so they are on your list right away.


If you are running your ads on Instagram as well, you will see the results in the interface.


Click on the ad:

Then the link View Charts.


On the right you will see the Performance, Demographics and Placements tabs.

The performance tab shows the number of forms filled out and the cost. It also shows the result rate, commonly referred to as the conversion rate. Anything above 1% is a good average, but the higher the conversion rate, the better.


The next tab shows demographics:

This will help you determine if you are on the right track with your avatar. In this case, the women are 25 to 54 and they are signing up at a high percentage (2 leads despite there not being much reach. You can edit your ad in relation to this new information so you don’t burn through your impressions too quickly.


The last tab is Placement.

We will see that the ad is showing on both Facebook and Instagram, but all of the forms filled out have come from Facebook. You may wish to turn off Instagram ads if they are running up a lot of impressions but not generating leads.


If you look to the right, you will see device type:

Toggle the choices to Mobile and Desktop only to see which is producing the most leads. For this ad, we see these results Reach was 128, there were 2 leads (or forms) submitted and the total cost was $2.42:

Both of the signups for this brand new ad are on Facebook in the mobile format. You might wish to improve your desktop ad appearance, or aim mainly for mobile users.


Once you have created your ad, try to improve upon it in a structured way. This is known as tracking and testing. Duplicate the ad, but alter it try a new headline, or a new image. Note your results. If they don’t improve, switch back the previous content. If they do improve, use the new ad as the baseline to try to improve your results again.


If you’ve been using Facebook ads, you should be familiar with the reports. If all this is completely new to you, take the time to study the reports and determine which will help you measure your set goals effectively.


In this way, you can boost your conversions, for a better return on investment.





If you have not started using Facebook ads yet, well, what are you waiting for? The system is simple to use, and highly targeted.


If you have been using ads, but haven’t started using Facebook Lead Ad, it’s time to master them so you can start building your list rapidly, gaining qualified leads for pennies.


Once the leads are on your list, you’ll be able to market to them effectively as long as you know what they really want and need in order to make their lives better.


Remember, there is lots of competition out there. Use your avatar to guide you as you create your ads and you should soon see your list growing and more sales coming in.




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